Several random ideas after a night of strange dreams:
–Families can’t figure out what to do with the art their kids make at events. Maybe for members, a special space to store/showcase your creations? Or a volunteer takes a photo of you with your thing and emails it to you?
–Mission of the month to make something that ties to an event that month – we showcase the winners in the lobby?
–Really focus on getting people signed up for the emails, and at the same time, make the emails more about being part of a community – member of the month interview, more opportunities to help/participate, mission of the month, etc. Like the Denver Art Museum’s Collective – – but more email-mediated and or Facebook
–Give people more info about the character of different events – intimate, crazy, making, learning, etc.
–opportunities to donate to very specific activities – maybe a member project of the year that they vote on