We had a good Creative Community Committee meeting about Loyalty lab a couple weeks back. In it, we came up with at least two related but different punchcard concepts to test:

1. Frequent Fridays card. Come to the MAH on Friday night five times in the next two months and earn a free annual membership.
RATIONALE: we have a lot going on on Friday nights. If someone makes it a habit over a short time window, they are much more likely to stay involved for the long term.
ALSO: easy to implement just on Fridays and not worry about other days of the week. Easy to hand out and mention at Friday events, when we already have volunteers with clipboards getting email addresses etc.

2. Passport to MAH. A punchcard with different “missions” on it – “take a workshop,” “talk to a stranger about an exhibit,” etc. Complete 8 missions and earn a membership. The idea here is not about intensity in a short time but diversity of experiences at the museum.
RATIONALE: if people see they can use the museum for different things, they are more likely to find things they want to be invested in. We hear from visitors that they are often unaware of the range of activities offered.
ALSO: more flexible for visitors, but also harder (potentially) to manage. We don’t want to be in the officiating business. We’d only want to give one stamp per visit.