Based on our recent C3 meeting and a meeting today with our membership, visitor services, and programs managers, we decided to focus on the following experiments through the end of 2012:
1. Tracking repeat/new visitors. We’re going to ask all visitors who attend during the day whether they are here for the first time or not, and track how many are in each category.
2. MAH Friday Challenge. We are making a folded-over business card that challenges people to come to 5 Fridays before the end of the year to earn a free individual MAH membership. This will allow us to both advertise Friday programs and to see if this kind of game-like habit-forming activity is appealing. See attached designs for the front and back of the cards.
3. Continue focusing at evening events on collecting visitors’ email addresses for the email list. Diana has switched with volunteers to focusing on this based on our mapping activity, and it seems to be successful at bringing new people to the list.

We will plan a January half-day workshop with creative thinkers and museum people from the region to share our findings from this round of tests and evaluate next steps.

Fridays card front:
Fridays card back: