Loyalty Lab is a project initiated by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to explore ways to build customer loyalty in museums and arts organizations. This isn’t about knowing which donor move we’re on–it’s about creating legitimate relationships with visitors that are backed up with fun, surprising, and supportive materials. We want to delight people with simple, low-tech interactions and items that make them feel valued–just as we would do as we build personal relationships.

Our goal is to celebrate and cultivate deeper relationships with participants, using low-tech, low-cost techniques that are accessible to small and mid-sized institutions. These participants could be visitors, volunteers, users, patrons–whatever you call the people who engage with your organization.

We invite you to participate with us via this website, where you can discuss experiments you’re trying, comment on ours, and share inspiring projects from the wide world.

This project is funded by the National Arts Strategies Chief Executive Program and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Thank you!

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Nina Simon at nina@santacruzmah.org