For years MAH’s way of encouraging repeat visitation… 

For years, MAH’s way of encouraging repeat visitation and membership registration was a lonely membership table at events. Stocked with a raffle box & a scattering of brochures, we had 1 volunteer staff the table to promote the MAH. This technique had its ups and downs:
– People saw it as a place to get information about that night’s activities (not its intended purpose).
– Some people avidly avoided the table, not wanting to be asked for money.
– We would gain 1-3 new members out of the 500-700 visitors in attendance.

Since Loyalty Lab, we’ve started to experiment a couple new ideas:

1. “Goodbye” Volunteers. We’ve always had greeters: volunteers who handed out information, welcoming people as they come in, etc. However, we discovered that the missing connection is when our visitors leave. We had no one to invite them back, no one to ask how their experience was, to see them off and thank them for coming. So now we have at least 1 person at each entrance specifically there to say goodbye and listen to visitors reflections and suggestions.

2. Keeping visitors in the loop. Visitors would come to a certain event, but would leave not knowing about other MAH programs. One way we’ve been trying to bridge that gap is to collect email addresses so visitors receive our weekly e-blast about upcoming events and activities. We’ve had one wonderful volunteer, Janaki Rao, test the reigns. She found the perfect spot to ask and she now collects 50-80 visitor’s contact information.

3. Five Friday Challenge. As Nina has already reported, MAH produced a Five Friday Challenge where visitors are encouraged to come to 5 Fridays in the 2 months before the end of the year. Visitors who submit their finished cards get a free individual membership. Last week we got 3 finished cards back with 3 Fridays left until the end of the year!

We’ve made some notable changes to how we can encourage repeat visitation and membership registration. I’m excited for January’s workshop where we can discuss the results of the Five Friday Challenge and more forward from there!