my overall thoughts, aha! moments, and what I learned from our amazing loyalty lab workshop:

  • just because someone has a really great time at an event at the museum it does not automatically motivate them to come back- we need to send them away with something, either a physical branded flier, a follow-up email, etc… that connects the good time they had to coming back and having a good time again.

-having a great time doesn’t necessarily make people feel connected to the institution- we have more work to do on making what feels like an active and thriving community of MAH visitors to us feel like an activity thriving and connected community to those participating- i am really curious to find out through experimentation if physical objects can help fill his gap- what is the effect of a membership card or a punch card or a sticker on our own personal connection to a place. My instinct tells me that there is a huge connection, but I really look forward to testing that theory (and giving people stickers- i really want to give people stickers!)

  • we as a team often (at least emotionally) measure the success of an event by how busy, thriving, full, active it feels- this can be stressor/turn-off to some audiences- security concerns are huge for families and a hectic environment can be hard to manage with small kids.

-connecting with other downtown businesses can be a way to grow the MAH community- a cultural passport that connects people with other cultural outlets in downtown can make people feel part of something bigger. Connecting the museum visit with what people do before and after (eat, shop) connect the dots on the comprehensive experience. Building on this- parking downtown is a big concern for people- can we work with the city to have free parking for MAH visitors on 3rd Fridays- or $1 off?

-photos- seeing a picture of yourself on the MAH website, in a MAH email, etc… makes visitors feel more connected, and also motivates them to share their experience with friends.

-and my favorite aha moment- our members and community have fantastic ideas to share and want to be part of this process- that right there feels like a guarantee of success! We are so lucky to have such engaged (even if they don’t think they are) and creative members and visitors who care about making the MAH better- what comes out of this is going to be exceptional.